Phone Betting
Call 1-800 TELBETS

The Operator will answer by asking for your account number and Pin # (for your protecton, do not reveal this Pin # to anyone). The operator will then verify your Pin # and provide you with your account balance.

The operator is then ready to accept your wagers.

Please respond in the following manner:
(1) Name of track.
(2) Race number.
(3) Amount of bet.
(4) Type of bet (win, daily double, exacta, etc.).
(5) Number designation of the horse.

After the operator has received your betting instructions, they will repeat the entire bet back to you. It is very important to listen to the operator as they read back your bet. At that time, you must either confirm your bet or make any corrections before it is entered into the system and your account is debited.

For your protection all telephone betting conversations are recorded and kept as a record in case any questions should arise.

The Tel Bets Center is open daily at 11:00 a.m. (EST)