TODAY'S RACE RESULTS…All wagering is now done on our new, state-of-the-art site:…New enhanced rewards program: QWIK CA$H…Earn DAILY rewards with first dollar bet at participating tracks…Current Suffolk OTB accounts automatically become accounts. No need to open a new account. Account and pin numbers remain the same…The customer is in control…Intuitive wagering pad…Helpful handicapping tools…Video streaming…Race replays…Easy deposit/withdrawal options.

You can go to a conveniently located QWIK betz (click here for locations) to make a phone deposit or withdrawal with your Suffolk OTB Telephone/Internet Wagering Account Card (Money Card). Click Here for instructions.

For Your Wagering Convenience
Touch Tone Wagering & Internet Wagering
If you have phone or internet service, you can wager by
clicking here to be taken to TOUCH TONE WAGERING or
click here to be taken to INTERNET WAGERING and you’re ready to go!